Angus & Julia Stone.

Angus & Julia Stone, “Down The Way” (EMI)

オーストラリア出身の兄弟デュオ、Angus & Julia Stone による2作目のアルバム” Down The Way”。デビューアルバムからさらに進化した、セカンドアルバムでも、彼らのピースフルで魅惑的なフォークを聴かせてくれます。「旅」は彼らの創作活動の重要な一部。“Down The Way”と名づけられたこのアルバムでは、ピアノとギターを使い、透明感のあるサウンドで様々な感情を表現しています。


Having spent the last two years touring the world in support of their critically acclaimed debut – A Book Like This – Angus and Julia Stone return with their eagerly anticipated sophomore release Down The Way. Here they make their debut as producers, developing their sound without losing the spirit of their first album. There’s been a subtle shift in gear, evidence of a growing confidence – the music ranges from sparse to rich and textured arrangements, yet never loses its ethereal charm.

Travelling has been an integral part of the Stones’ musical story, so it comes as no surprise that they opted to record in a number of diverse locations around the globe. Themes of lost love and yearning are woven through Down The Way, which opens with the rich, epic tapestry of “Hold On”.

Elsewhere, touches of piano and understated finger-picking guitar light up the darkness of the sound – “For You” – and forthcoming single “Big Jet Plane” sees Angus’ rustic tones rolling atop a dreamy string arrangement. The six-minute workout “Draw Your Swords” builds to an unrestrained crescendo, and “Devils Tears” – a piece featuring gentle piano and sweet acoustic guitars – wraps up the album.

On Down The Way, Angus and Julia showcase thirteen lovingly crafted songs reflecting a myriad of emotions. Another graceful step on a remarkable musical journey.