Balam Acab

Wander/Wonder (Tri Angle)


A highly accomplished debut album from the young American producer, plunging us into a psychedelic universe where electronic, chillwave and dubstep intertwine. For dreamers everywhere.


Alec Koone, alias Blam Acab, first made his mark in 2010 with his debut, the ambient downtempo EP See Birds. Now he shifts into top gear with his first album, Wander/Wonder, released on Tri Angle, the American electronica label that brought out See Birds last year.

This first full-length release sees Pennsylvania-born Koone sticking to the formula that made See Birds such a success: ethereal melodies and evanescent voices wafting over electro rhythms.
Wander/Wonder is, quite deliberately, a short album. Its eight pieces can be absorbed easily in a single sitting and take the listener on a cosmic voyage, complete with highs and lows.
The first two tracks serve as an introduction, helping us settle comfortably into this soothing universe.
What follows provides ample confirmation – if any were needed – that Balam Acab is an artiste well worth keeping tabs on.
“Oh, Why”, an attractive electronic ballad worthy of Bibio, is already in rotation on the internet. “Await” evokes the Ulrich Schnauss remix of “Love Movement” by Revtone, while “Fragile Hope” clearly demonstrates that the crossover between ambient and dubstep is one of the most interesting paths to come to light in recent years.


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