« Verdugo Hills » (Temporary Residence)

キャロライン・ラフキンは、沖縄県出身、ボストン・バークリー音楽大学を卒業し、現在はロサンゼルス在住のアーティスト。ニューアルバム“Verdugo Hills”では、彼女の特徴である透明感のある歌声とメランコリックなメロディ、ミニマルなエレクトロニック・サウンドで魅了します。


Originally from Okinawa, Japan, Caroline Lufkin had moved around a lot by the time she graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2003, ultimately settling nowhere (though Los Angeles is the town she currently calls home). With an incredible gift for concocting gripping music from the most minimal of elements – not to mention a voice that could make angels weep – Caroline and her songs have the rare ability to hypnotise anyone who encounters them. After all, don’t we all enjoy surrendering to a little music-induced weightlessness from time to time?

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