The Edges of the World


Courtesy of this French duo, an album of experimental electronic music that takes you to the very edges…


Composer is the pairing of two souls who have never dreamed of world tours, TV appearances or groupies. Two souls standing up for artistry, crafting beautiful albums with care. Eric Raynaud, already known for his experimental electronic explorations, and elektro-folkie Guillaume Eluerd, who has already released two albums.

Composer is the result of this strange collision between two unknown quantities. The result of a week given over to transcendence of self, culminating in a one-night-only live show.

The show turned out to be the start of an authentic collaboration, one crystallised and informed by the desire to continue the adventure and extend it in a studio setting. The two protagonists quickly realised they shared a purposeful determination, an aesthetic sensibility and a feel and flair for sonic DIY.

The next few months saw an ongoing online exchange of files between Eric and Guillaume, leading to their first joint compositions. Several months more down the line and following an acoustic studio session, it was official: they were a duo.


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