Connan Mockasin

p>”Forever Dolphin Love” (Because Music)

ニュージーランドからのニュー・センセーション。トム・ヨークをも魅了したソフトサイケ・シンガー、Connan Mockasinのミステリアスな名盤から。

With an exquisite voice that verges on falsetto, this sensation from New Zealand has already seduced Thom Yorke – and countless others – into his peculiar psychedelic pop universe.


Connan Hosford was born in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. A dreamy child, he was introduced to music by his guitar-playing father. Today, cultivating the image of himself as a child prodigy, the adult Connan likes to relate how he recorded his first song at the age of five. What is certain is that at a very young age, he already knew how to play, record and distribute all manner of sounds, ambiances and notes, inventing a fantastical universe from which he seems never to have emerged.
His stage name is taken from his first group, Connan and the Mockasins, in which he was the singer and guitarist from 2004 onwards. This blues, rock and pop trio released two EP’s and played in New Zealand and England in 2006 and 2007. In 2008 the group was reborn as the solo project Connan Mockasin.
The music of Connan Mockasin is much more experimental, bordering on the psychedelic and harking back to Hosford’s initial love of electronic and sonic collage. An inquisitive and inventive soul, he has a gift for absorbing a large number of influences including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, jazz and Jimi Hendrix, which then resurface in a wholly unpredictable manner.
After touring as the support act for Crowded House in 2010 and attracting considerable attention at the Rencontres Trans Musicales festival in Rennes in December that year, Connan Mockasin put out Forever Dolphin Love in 2011. The album first appeared on the London label Phantasy Sound, which had handled the previous releases by this ever-evolving outfit, and is now available on Because Music.


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