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カリフォルニア出身デュオ “Cults” の60年代スタイルの音楽には – ポップスタイル、パンク、甘いメロディ、透明なキーボードサウンド – が詰まっています。


Singer Madeline Follin and guitarist Brian Oblivion were Manhattan-based film students with a passion for rock music. Both aged 21, they shared an affinity for Phil Spector-style melodies and the Spector-esque echoes found in groups like The Ramones and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Three tracks posted on the Bandcamp page in early 2010 soon came to the attention of the finely tuned ears at the independent website Pitchfork Media, who promptly included one track, “Go Outside”, in their “Best new music” category. The following year would see Cults gigging, signing to In The Name Of – a label run by Lily Allen with financial backing from Sony-BMG – and recording their debut album.

The irresistible rise of Cults continued in spring 2011 with the follow-up singles, “You Know What I Mean” and “Abducted”. The duo embarked on a tour, taking in both Europe and the United States. And when their eponymous debut emerged at the end of June, it became clear that here was one of the year’s major discoveries.


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