Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi

“Rome” (Parlophone)

ニューヨークのプロデューサー、デンジャー・マウスとイタリアの作曲家/アレンジャーのダニエル・ルッピがタッグを組んでの傑作 – エンニオ・モリコーネへトリビュート。あのノラ・ジョーンズとホワイト・ストライプスのジャック・ホワイトが参加。

This timeless masterpiece from New York polymath-producer Danger Mouse and Italian composer Daniele Luppi – a tribute to Ennio Morricone, with guest stars Jack White and Norah Jones – is the fruit of five years of hard work and dedication.


Born in White Plains, New York, in 1977, Brian Burton grew up in Athens, Georgia, where he worked in trip-hop under the pseudonym Pelican City. Rechristening himself Danger Mouse in honour of the cult UK TV cartoon, he produced a large number of CDs and got to know Cee-Lo Green, a member of the group Goodie Mob; together, the two would later go on to achieve international success as Gnarls Barkley. Meanwhile Danger Mouse moved to London and was signed by Lex Records, who released Ghetto Pop Life, his collaboration with rapper Jemini, in 2003.

The following year Danger Mouse achieved instant notoriety with The Grey Album, a mash-up project combining a cappella versions of Jay-Z’s The Black Album with samples from The White Album by The Beatles. The seismic online ripples generated by this remix, which was originally intended as a limited release for friends only, soon incurred the wrath of EMI: rave reviews notwithstanding, the music industry giant demanded the immediate cessation of all distribution of the album. The episode also brought Danger Mouse to the attention of Damon Albarn, who enlisted him to produce Demon Days, the second Gorillaz album, in 2005.

In 2006 Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo created their own group, Gnarls Barkley, and recorded the album St. Elsewhere, featuring the massive hit “Crazy”. Danger Mouse went on to produce two tracks on Pieces of the People We Love by The Rapture, then collaborated again with Albarn on his supergroup album The Good, The Bad & The Queen. 2008 saw the appearance of a second Gnarls Barkley album, The Odd Couple.

Danger Mouse also worked as a producer on the albums Attack & Release by The Black Keys and Modern Guilt by Beck. Dark Night Of The Soul, a collaboration with Sparklehorse, was due out in summer 2009 but was then delayed for over a year due to a legal dispute with EMI. Meanwhile, Danger Mouse – the man Paste Magazine named “Best Producer of the Decade (2000-2009)” – worked with James Mercer, guitarist and singer with The Shins, on the project Broken Bells, whose self-titled debut appeared in 2010.

His appetite for adventure undimmed, the American producer also continued to work with Italian composer and fellow movie soundtrack aficionado Daniele Luppi on the five-year project that would become the album Rome, a musical extravaganza inspired by the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone and other musical delicacies. Released in May 2011, the album also features Norah Jones and Jack White.


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