The art of travel according to Air France is also an invitation to a sensory journey. With its unique selection of music on board and on its website inviting you to sit back, dream, rest and replenish your energy, Air France offers a broad repertory together with rare and exclusive content from artists all over the world, both well-known and rising stars.

Air France Music: French Touch is in the SkyEnjoy some exclusive tracks premiere and try to win exclusive gifts: concert tickets, vinyl records and signed albums by some of the best up and coming artists
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George Fitzgerald - About Time (feat. Boxie)

Fading Love, George Fitzgerald’s first album, has become the reference of a new genre, an electronic music oscillating between melancholic house and dubstep rhythmics.

Signed …

Playlist aboard our flights Enjoy our selection of music aboard our flights now. « On Air » by Air France in July, August, September 2015 with Tame Impala, Denai Moore, Sufjan Stevens, Aphex Twin, Nathalie Prass...