Metals (Polydor/Universal)


Delicate melodies, meticulous lyrics, majestic horns and radiant keyboards: the Canadian singer breaks a lengthy silence with a strong comeback: an album’s worth of intimate, spellbinding pop-folk.


Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1976, dedicated musician and singer-songwriter Leslie Feist lived in Toronto before moving to France. She revisits past eras with catlike agility, touching on pop, folk, soul and jazz: highly emotive melodies with bittersweet lyrics, inhabited by a soft, versatile voice that proves the perfect guide to the delicate structures of her personal universe.

Feist cut her teeth playing in punk outfits and covering AC/DC songs. For a while she worked alongside electro-punk musician Peaches, rapping with a sock puppet under the elegant sobriquet “Bitch Lap Lap”.
It is fair to say that beneath Ms Feist’s diffident demeanour lurks an exceptionally competent and impressive young lady.

Feist’s debut, Monarch (Lay Your Head Down), received plenty of critical praise but failed to reach a mass audience. The second album, Let It Die, saw a change in direction and featured the breakthrough single “Mushaboom”, one of the runaway successes of 2004. Recorded and mixed by Renaud Letang and Gonzalès, the album went on to sell over 50,000 copies worldwide. Following Open Season, an album of remixes and collaborations, came The Reminder (2007), an album that seemed to summarise Feist to date. A record by an artiste who was regrouping after experimenting, and coming to rest after a spell of globetrotting. An artiste who was now capable, in just a few songs, of bringing together all the disparate strands of her personality.

October 2011 saw the eagerly awaited release of Metals, the comeback album by this gifted Canadian songstress.


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