“Perfect Darkness” (Ninja Tune)


Having switched from turntables to guitar, Fink continues to surprise the public with the seemingly endless scope of his talents. And in Perfect Darkness, this dyed-in-the-wool bluesman has delivered an album that is singular, minimalist and moving.

Biography :
Born Fin Greenall in Brighton, British singer-songwriter Fink started out as a DJ. His debut album, 2000’s Fresh Produce, appeared on the Ninja Tune label, with tracks like “Tubb Journey”, “We Are Ninja” or “Bristol Switch” bearing witness to a groove-inflected electro trip-hop style. Many listeners were startled when his second album, Biscuits for Breakfast (2006), showed him veering toward a blues and folk style (“Pretty Little Thing”, “So Long”, “All Cried Out”), unveiling his talents as a singer and guitarist with able assistance from childhood friends Guy Whittaker (bass) and Tim Thornton (drums). Fink pushed further in this direction with Distance and Time (2007), juggling bare-bones folk (“If Only”), rock (“Blueberry Pancakes”) and blues (“Get Your Share”), all laced with a fair degree of pessimism.

Fink has supported Massive Attack, Camille and the Fratellis, appearing onstage at Carnegie Hall in New York and the Royal Albert Hall in London. His previous album, Sort Of Revolution (2009), proved once and for all that he had found his true path in the blues-folk universe, while also flirting with gospel (“Q & A”, “Walking in the Sun”) and discreetly adding a touch of piano to the mix (“Move On Me”). Now comes Perfect Darkness – in the words of reviewer Caroline Sullivan in The Guardian, an album that “often achieves such loveliness you don’t want it to end.”

Video :

Fink “Perfect Darkness” Café de la danse 14.06.11 from stephaned on Vimeo.

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