Fleet Foxes

(Bella Union)

勢いの止まらない、話題のバンド Fleet Foxes が放つセカンドアルバム。壮大なサウンドと美しいコーラスワーク。

A further welcome helping of fluid, melody-laden pop seasoned with dazzling vocal harmonies from those unstoppable Fleet Foxes.


Fleet Foxes are a Seattle quintet fronted by singer Robin Pecknold. They came to prominence with their second EP, Sun Giant, and quickly followed this up with their eponymous debut on the prestigious Sub Pop label, released on 03 June in the USA and 09 June in the UK.
Rolling Stone gave the album four stars, comparing it to the Beach Boys, Band of Horses and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Fleet Foxes themselves define their music as a “baroque harmonic pop” blend. Straddling the divide between rock and folk, the group’s major focal points are melody and vocal harmonies. As such, the songs on the album combine structural complexity with a striking lucidity – in fact, at times it feels as though one has just listened to two songs at once.
A memorable highlight of their 2008 touring activities was their onstage appearance with Wilco, covering the Bob Dylan classic “I Shall Be Released”.
Their second album, Helplessness Blues, came out in May 2011. One year on, it remains an unmitigated delight.


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