Francois & The Atlas Mountain

« E Volo love» (Domino)
フランス出身のグループFrancois & The Atlas Mountainの、空気のように軽いハイブリッドなメロディーでなごませてくれるポップ・ロックが詰まったアルバム。

Behind the poetic title lurks an album of pop-rock from this French group, featuring hybrid melodies and ethereal choruses that lull us and enchant us while subtly stirring the emotions.


Moving from France to the UK at the age of 19, Frànçois Marry began his musical career playing support slots for the likes of Gravenhurst and showing off his trumpet-playing skills as a touring member of Scottish indie group Camera Obscura. In 2004 he released his first album, Les Anciennes Falaises, going on to record The People To Forget (2006) along with a group of friends whom he christened The Atlas Mountains.

In 2008 Frànçois returned to France and engaged in a variety of symphonic projects. Perhaps most importantly, he met Bost Gehio, a polyphonic Basque vocal ensemble singing Bulgarian music, and the group Unkle Jelly Fish. Members of both were to appear on his 2009 outing Plaine Insondable, an album of dream pop sporting a wide range of influences and a musical palette that encompasses both the melancholic and the playful while always retaining a poetic feel throughout.
Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains recently became the first French signing to prominent indie label Domino Records, a coup that was soon followed by the release of the brand new album E Volo Love.


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