Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX

« We’re New Here » (XL Recordings)

Jamie xxのミニマルなエレクトロ・サウンドとGil Scott-Heronの深みのある声が出会ったらマジックがおきた。幻想的で美しいエレクトロ-ソウル・ハイブリッドサウンド。

When the pared-down beats and minimalist electro of Jamie xx met the deep, rasping voice of soul icon Gil Scott-Heron, something magical happened. A dizzyingly beautiful electro-soul hybrid.


Gil Scott-Heron – Afro-American music icon, rap precursor, intellectual chronicler of the times – first began writing at a quite young age, starting with poems and novels (including The Nigger Factory) before branching out into music while at university after meeting flautist Brian Jackson.

Jackson and Scott-Heron brewed up a jazz-soul stew as a backdrop for extended monologues from Gil such as “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, often prefiguring the rap music of the future.
Highly respected among young rappers, Gil could nevertheless be heard exhorting them to renounce violence on his 1994 album Spirits (1994). By now firmly established as a talented songwriter, he toured Europe to considerable acclaim.

In 2010 he released his first studio outing in sixteen years. I’m New Here came out on the XL Recordings label, having been recorded between 2007 and 2009 with XL label boss Richard Russell in the producer’s chair. On returning from a European tour, Gil Scott-Heron succumbed to pneumonia and died, aged 62, in a New York hospital in May 2011.

In 2011 acclaimed electro prodigy Jamie xx, a founder member of the band The xx, decided to remix Scott-Heron’s final album. The result, We’re New Here, turns out to be not merely a remix, but rather an authentic alchemical fusion between the two artists.