Herman Dune

p>“Strange Moosic” (GUM)

5年の沈黙を経て、ノスタルジックなフォークサウンドが心地よいフレンチデュオ、Herman Duneが帰ってきた!

After a five-year silence, we celebrate an outstanding comeback by this Franco-Swedish outfit with an album that features more of a rock feel than its predecessors.

Biography :

Having first come to prominence in 1999 with the fabulous Turn Off The Light album, David-Ivar Herman Dune and his brother Néman Herman Dune are part of a generation of musicians who have started at the crossroads where various folk influences meet up and then gone their own way.

Prolific and highly productive, the group has recorded countless discs under a variety of pseudonyms, all of them amounting to folk-rock manifestos – lyrical yet uncluttered, captivating in their melodic maturity. Here, the singular, affecting voices of the two brothers are framed against rhythms that are dynamic yet graceful, rubbing shoulders with arrangements featuring violins, acoustic guitars, organs, horns or harmonica, all composed and performed by the duo. Herman Dune also make it sound almost absurdly easy to produce inspired cover versions (Eminem, Jonathan Richman or even Kylie Minogue) and to make use of a whole range of instruments (notably the ukulele).

The two musicians in Herman Dune are also sterling standard-bearers for the antifolk movement in France. Their fourth album Mas Cambios came out in September 2003, followed by Giant in 2007 and Next Year In Zion in 2008.

Five years after the success of the aptly named Giant, and with hundreds of gigs all around the world under their belt – including a sold-out concert at prestigious Parisian venue The Olympia – Strange Moosic sees the Franco-Swedish duo Herman Dune returning to their roots.

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