Kany West

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy



The American hip hop megastar presents his concept of modern pop – already hailed as the best album of 2010 by The Times, Rolling Stone and the webzine Pitchfork Media.

Biography : Kanye Omari West has exploded every generic cliché in rap: a rucksack carried with pride and containing the Student Rapper’s Manual alongside a teddy bear, and texts overflowing with linguistic originality, no longer concerned with illicit substances but instead full of humour as they lambaste the little foibles to which we are all prone. West’s lyrics can be profound when speaking of his nearest and dearest, or introspective when touching on his ascent to fame. Likewise he is not afraid to question the government and the way it deals with the black community. Meanwhile, his collection of custom-tailored Italian outfits has earned him a striking nickname: the Louis Vuitton Don. Kanye West is full of contradictions, but this is probably the least of his worries. His father was a member of the Black Panthers (a militant movement for racial equality in 1960s America) and his mother, formerly a university professor, is now his manager. Kanye – the name means “the unique one” in Swahili – cut his teeth producing first local musicians, then internationally renowned artistes such as Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys and John Legend.

The often controversial nature of his appearances in the media has helped build him up as a true one-off – frequently impetuous, or indeed excessively arrogant when protesting over the awards presented at ceremonies. But the musical landscape would be far less interesting without this artiste and his tendency to break down musical barriers.

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