King Creosote & Jon Hopkins

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スコットランド出身のシンガーソングライターKing Creosoteと、エレクトロニック・ミュージックのプロデューサーがタッグを組んで制作した温かみのあるバイブを感じる、メランコリックな美しい楽曲を収めたアルバム。

The Scottish folk singer teams up with the English electro wizard to produce exquisite music tinged with a warm, vibrant melancholy.

Biography :

Kenny Anderson is a Scottish musician from the county of Fife. He fronted the band Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra before going on to launch his own label, Fence, in 1995, along with King Creosote, his solo project. Tired of the way the music industry works, his aim was to carve out a place for himself in his own way – which is how he eventually wound up selling his home recordings from within his own record shop.

Countless concerts and dozens of self-produced, self-recorded discs later, his folk-rock compositions and his independent approach caught the eye of key London indie labels like Rough Trade and Domino. And in 2003, the King Creosote album Kenny And Beth’s Musakal Boat Rides emerged as a joint release on Fence and Domino Records.

The warm reception for this disc encouraged Anderson, alias King Creosote, to take things further and to come out of his shell a bit. 2005 saw a brace of albums, the aptly named Rocket D.I.Y. and KC Rules OK. Strangely, releasing albums on labels other than his own (Domino, Names or WEA/Warner subsidiary 679) seems to spur King Creosote on to give of his best. These two fine albums were followed in 2007 by Bombshell, produced by Anderson’s friend, associate and Domino stablemate Jon Hopkins.

Diamond Mine, released in April 2011, sees the pair reunited – this time as a duo.

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