La Fiancée

“Trois” (Polydor)

秘密めいたフレンチポップシンガーLa Fiancéeの3枚目のEP”TROIS”から。

La Fiancée elegantly revisits titles and artistes who have moved her, imbuing them with a voluptuous pop feel that is sometimes more enchanting than the originals.

Biography :

As a child Claire Cosnefroy learned the flute, the piano and singing. Her family’s musical universe favoured the classical and the sacred, with a bit of pop, rock and folk thrown in.

She went on to study, aiming to become a fashion stylist, but began to move away from this when she met Edgar Ficat (writer of the song “Non Non Non (Écouter Barbara)” as recorded by Camélia Jordana). Spurred on by Ficat, she wrote “On Avait Juré De Faire Mieux”, which wound up on the 2007 compilation Les Filles Sont Folk.
Having rechristened herself La Fiancée, she met Florent Marchet, and the two began to collaborate so smoothly that Marchet now works in tandem with Edgar Ficat. In September 2009, La Fiancée brought out her first 4-song EP, Un, which she described as a “collection of musical news items”. The songs were a promising beginning for La Fiancée, with intimate folk sitting next to sunny pop stylings (“Cette Autre”). She also contributed to an album by Séverin (Cheesecake).

Deux, her second EP, came out in Spring 2010 and included the song “On Avait Juré” alongside three others, with delicate arrangements by Julien Ribot and production by Jack Lahana. This was followed in December 2010 by Trois, an EP of cover versions.

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