“Giving and Receiving” (K Records)


American indie pop quintet Lake releases an album with an orchestral feel, inspired by swinging 60’s-70’s pop music and infused with a soul/jazz spirit.

Biography :

Lake is a group of cloudy individuals drawn together through lines running along Interstate 5, intersecting in Olympia around 2006. Since then they have gained and lost members, recorded 12 full length albums (only 3 of which have seen proper release) and played across the world supporting such talented acts as Adrian Orange (whom they also backed as “Her Band”), Half Handed Cloud, Laura Veirs and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. The sounds they craft draw directly on the best of Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, and Turkish psychedelic music, taking in Rhodes piano caresses, engaging drum fills, guitars that sound like anything but guitars and some slamming bass lines.

Lake’s newest full-length album, Giving & Receiving, soars with beautiful melodies and gentle yet considered instrumentation. It was written partly while staying at a little cabin in Northern Sweden, which band member Ashley says is the only place where she’s ever truly heard silence. Songs like “Skeleton Costume,” and “Pilgrim’s Day” were born in a shed there, and have the creaky barn wood/fresh air sound to prove it. In the band’s own words: Giving & Receiving is meant to be uplifting.

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