Bio :
Formed in Manchester in 1995, Lamb brings together two opposing musical personalities, Louise Rhodes and Andy Barlow. The result: music born of an explosive chemistry, and a group given over to the paradoxical.
Louise grew up surrounded by the songs of her mother, who was an English folk singer and as such very far removed from electronic music. But Louise was also a fan of hip hop and soul. Andy is somewhat less traditional. His career began in the United States, where he discovered drumming and hip hop and developed an obsession with breakbeats. Arriving in the UK right at the height of the 90s acid house boom, he soon began delving into electronic sound.
The group’s first album is a potent testament to the alchemical union of breakbeat sorcerer and pop princess. Right from the start, Lamb were dedicated to producing music with a difference – a resolve that still continues to yield musical magic of the rarest sort.

Lamb – The Spectacle by muradittorocknrolla

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