« The Slideshow Effect »
(Sub Pop)


Bewitchingly fresh-sounding dream pop from this Canadian duo, enhanced with floating piano notes and guitar reverb effects.


Tucked away in Southwestern Ontario lies the town of Guelph, birthplace of Memoryhouse. Evan Abeele, a dedicated classical music student blessed with an encyclopaedic knowledge of pop, devised the band as a multimedia art project, pairing his own instrumental compositions with the photography and short films of Denise Nouvion. Pooling their musical and visual endeavours seemed the most effective strategy for fighting off an archetypal adolescent angst made all the more intense by the paralysing effects of the Canadian winter.

Evan and Denise soon started writing pieces of their own, recording, refining and conceptualising their audio-visual collages in the bedroom of a suburban family house. Individually and jointly, they experimented with themes, lyrics and multiple layers of instrumentation.

Following several tours in Europe and the US, they signed to Seattle’s most legendary label: Sub Pop Records. In September 2011, Memoryhouse released an improved version of their EP The Years, originally recorded at home.

The title of their latest album, The Slideshow Effect, illustrates that some things have remained constants for the duo, such as their enduring interest in finding ways of synthesising the aural and the visual. It refers to the photographic and cinematic technique of zooming and panning to animate still images, as often found in documentary films.


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