“The English Riviera” (Because Music)

メトロノミー待望の第2作目、唯一無二の個性が炸裂するメランコリック・ダンス・アルバム”English Riviera”から。

Pop with polish from the new line-up of this UK group, whose new album ranks among the year’s finest.


The principal quality of a metronome is its regularity – as an instrument of measurement, it is predictable and functional. Not, as it happens, at all like Metronomy – a British group that reinvents itself rhythmically and sonically with each successive album while retaining its dance floor elements as a common thread.

Following worldwide critical acclaim for the melancholic atmosphere of Nights Out, Metronomy’s third album The English Riviera heralds a fresh direction. It’s a pop album, fairly mind-blowing and crammed full of dark, languid funk songs that seem tailor-made to continue the upward trend in the fortunes of this young British group.

Unlike previous albums, The English Riviera was recorded in a studio located in a former garage in the Wapping district of East London. “The owner of this studio is strictly old school, the type of guy who spends his time talking about The Faces and Led Zeppelin,” says Joseph Mount. “Maybe we’ll record in Los Angeles next time round – but for now, Wapping suits us just fine… Working on a crap computer with a broken sound card, locked away in my room, wasn’t really fun. Thanks to the recession, studio prices have dropped, which means that for the first time, we were able to afford one.”


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