Mia Doi Todd

« Cosmic Ocean Ship »
(City Zen Record)

ロサンゼルス出身のシンガーソングライター、Mia Doi Toddによるボサノバとジャズで色づけされたキャッチーな曲がつまったフォークアルバム。

For her ninth outing, the talented, pure-voiced Californian songstress presents a folk album full of catchy tunes tinged with bossa nova and jazz.


Prolific Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd first started singing in choirs as a child, later going on to study classical vocal technique.

She went on to find her own voice writing songs about love, nature and loss. Her first solo album, The Ewe and the Eye, came out in 1997, around the same time as she graduated from Yale University. She then spent a year studying avant-garde dance in Japan before returning to the United States and releasing two acoustic albums, Come Out Of Your Mine (1999) and ZeroOne (2001).

In 2002 she signed to Columbia Records and recorded The Golden State, collaborating with star producer Mitchell Froom to create more intricate arrangements. There then followed two albums on independent label Plug Research: Manzanita and a remix album, La Ninja: Amor And Other Dreams Of Manzanita.

En 2008, Mia worked with producer Carlos Nino on Gea, an album released on her own label Zen City. This was followed a year later by Morning Music, an instrumental album of music for meditation. 2011 saw the release of Mia’s ninth album, Cosmic Ocean Ship, with Jonathan Wilson in the producer’s chair. Recorded in Los Angeles on analogue tape, the album is rich in warmth and depth – the perfect showcase for her beautiful and at times delicate singing voice.


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