Nina Kinert

“Red Leader Dream” (Almost Music)

スウェーデン出身美人シンガーNina Kinertの4作目のアルバム、スターウォーズ・サガにインスパイアされた”Red Leader Dream”から。

Having captivated youthful pop nerds and music collectors alike with her divine voice and innovative pop songs, Swedish musician Nina Kinert returns with a fourth album, Red Leader Dream, inspired by the “Star Wars” trilogy.

Biography :

Nina Kinert is a 27-year-old science fiction fan from Stockholm who has enthralled listeners of all ages in the latter half of the 2000s.

Since the release of her previous album Pets and Friends, Nina has toured all over Europe, played sold-out shows, performed on TV and received massive airplay – especially with the singles ”Combat Lover” and ”Beast”.
Red Leader Dream is an audio script for a seventh Star Wars saga, set on the desert planet Tatooine after Return of the Jedi. A true science fiction epic about love, hope and adventure viewed through a fantasy filter.

“When I was twelve,” she explains, “I had to have an operation that involved metal rails being put into my back. During that long period in hospital, I saw the Star Wars films countless times. Since then I have always wanted to play a role in the space masterpiece. After the somewhat unreal events in my real life, I found the inspiration to write my own galactic saga,” says Nina, stretching her robot back.
The only way to accomplish the task was to take on the roles of producer, casting director and record company boss herself. An exhausting and sometimes lonely job, but necessary in order to fulfil the vision.

The result is synth-based, atmospheric, rhythm-driven dream pop that evokes the Cocteau Twins, Enya and Stevie Nicks while giving free rein more than ever to Nina’s most potent weapons: her infectious melodies and her beautiful, almost supernatural voice. Truly, the Force is strong with this one.


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