Olivia Pedroli

” A PATH ” by Olivia Pedroli – Betcorn/Discographe

まさに「ゴールデンボイス」の持ち主といえるOlivia Pedroliは、スイス生まれのアーティストで、クラシック、フォークの境界を大胆にクロスする実験的な音楽の世界を創り出します。“The Den”はアイスランド出身のプロデューサーとOliviaが共同で作業する中で生まれた、誰もが惹きつけられる独特の世界観をもつアルバムです。 

Olivia Pedroli was born in 1982 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. At the age of 5, she showed a keen interest in learning a musical instrument and began studying the violin at the conservatory of music in her hometown.
Following the release of her debut album, The Smell Of Wait, in the Swiss market in 2005, the talented young artist’s live performances, blending both softness and sensuality with electric sounds, were soon being described as mesmerising and she found herself playing to sold-out audiences from Geneva to Zürich.
Hot on the heels of this success, Olivia headed back into the studio in the fall of 2006, once again collaborating with Simon Gerber. She recorded her second album in Carpentras (Vega Studio), Lausanne and New York. Shortly afterward, she met Valgeir Sigurðsson, the Icelandic producer and founder of the Bedroom Community record label, and the two of them decided to work together on her 3rd album in Reykjavik. During a collaboration that lasted almost an entire year, the intriguing universe of The Den was born. This third album, at the crossroads between classical, folk and experimental music, was released on September 27th, 2010. It shows the evolution of her compositions and voice towards more personal and enchanting horizons.