Phantom Buffalo

p>” GOLIATH TALES ” by Phantom Buffalo

アメリカ、メーン州ポートランド出身のインディー・ロックバンド“Phantom Buffalo”の音楽は、フレッシュでメロディアスなポップミュージックです。奇跡ともいえる3rdアルバムには、ギターの音を中心にシンプルなリズムで仕上げた、ポップを純粋に追求した楽曲が収められています。 

After first showing up on the radar in 2005 with an engaging debut album entitled Shishimumu, the American musicians who make up Phantom Buffalo rather bizarrely dropped out of circulation, returning to obscurity and to the tiny universe of self-production. It seems clear that Phantom Buffalo have no interest in marketing campaigns and career plans: they are totally focused on writing their material, and are not concerned with the public profile of the work they produce. Thus, following a second album that was available only in the USA and is now something of a rarity, the novel, flexible and committed structure of Microcultures became their new home, nurturing the growth and eventual release of their miraculous third album – this time in Europe only! Thanks to the initiative of this French platform, we are now able to enjoy the highly melodic Cement Postcard With Owl Colours. Without a trace of chemical additives or genetic modification, Phantom Buffalo are cultivating pop in its purest form, and the result is refreshingly free from kitsch and cliché. Rather than grafting on electronics or production gimmicks, they base their music around 3 guitars that are eloquent but not long-winded and a simple, effective rhythm section. Above all, they maintain an ideal balance between lengthy instrumental passages and singular vocals, almost always with backing vocals behind them.