David Bowie、Radiohead、Black Keys の音楽をを思い起こさせるような、Roverのポップ・ロックを聴いてみてください。

Bio :

Not that long ago, back in the winter of 2008, an early sixties’ Greenwich Village revival scene had taken hold of the Parisian clubs, where groups brandishing their folk guitars competed for the stage. ROVER was among them, in all their simplicity – imposing stature, a face full of youthful arrogance and intense concentration, a powerful voice full of feline grace. Pure and rhythmic melodies with a psychedelic touch. A cross between folk and charismatic rock, Rover’s music is like a precious stone – there’s the rough raw material that is the stone’s chief strength, which is then revealed by a meticulous process of cutting and polishing.

Timothée Régnier aka Rover (his stage name reveals his taste for wandering) spent his teenage years in Manhattan before moving to Beirut where he rapidly made a reputation on the local music scene while developing his own material. Rover’s musical repertoire combines musical influences ranging from the foundations (Beach Boys, Beatles, Bowie) to their much contested yet equally indisputable heirs (early Supertramp, Joy Division- those Brit roots again – and Interpol).

ROVER blends existential angst and bitter-sweet reverie, the product of the school of hard knocks filtered through the lens of ballads and mini-symphonies. His lyrics have a sense of urgency that comes into its own in live performance.

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