Shimmering Stars

« Violent Hearts» (ALMOST MUSIQUE)
バンクーバー出身のShimmering Starsが、50~70年代のポップ、ロックにトリビュートした14曲を収めたアルバム。

Fourteen tracks from this Vancouver-based outfit, paying tribute to the sound of rock and pop from the fifties, sixties and seventies.


Shimmering Stars are a group from Vancouver, Canada, and are signed to the Almost Musique label.

The innocence of their music evokes the fifties and sixties, drawing inspiration from such greats as Del Shannon, Phil Spector and Bo Diddley. The band began as a recording project in spring 2010, when Rory McClure created the initial demos in his parents’ garage in the town of Kamloops, British Columbia.

Young and lacking in self-esteem, Rory McClure resorted to music as a means of self-expression. Miniature retro-styled ballads inspired by the Everly Brothers, drenched in reverb and crystalline guitar sounds and garnished with a choice smattering of nostalgic lyrics.

Violent Hearts is the band’s debut album, released on Almost Musique.


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