St Augustine

June, a Maze (Kutu Folk)
フランス人シンガーソングライターFrançois-Régis Croisierによるソロ・プロジェクトSt Augustine。繊細なボーカルの珠玉のフォークミュージック。

Recording and performing as St Augustine, François-Régis Croisier is a purveyor of radiant folk music: streamlined melodies, fragile vocals and finely honed lyrics with a personal, intimate feel.


St Augustine – a pseudonym of François-Régis Croisier since 2005 – loves diminished chords, three-part harmonies, coffee, wide open spaces, guitars, Aurélia, his baby, changing from major to minor… and using all of the above as raw material for songs.

The name is, of course, a tip of the hat to one Bob Dylan, and as such the perfect alias for an erudite musician in search of the perfect song.

Faced with a choice between girl groups and Bonnie “Prince” Billy, between Brian Wilson and Leonard Cohen, he came down firmly in favour of indecision, giving full rein to these obsessions on his striking debut album, Changing Plans.

This year, St Augustine, who also happens to be a highly gifted illustrator, has produced a fine EP awash with meditative atmospheres and intimate, twilight moods that bode well for the forthcoming album due in the first half of 2012.
The new release may well prove to be the breakthrough for this talented, uncompromising perfectionist.