Thos Henley

“A Collection Of Early Recordings” (BS Records)

Thos Henleyのギターとロマンチックなフォークポップをお届け。

With his guitar and his romantic vision, Thos Henley plays folk-pop so distinctive as to be pretty much unique.

Biography :

Thos Henley grew up in the South of England, in the little village of Netley (Southampton), and early on developed a passion for music and literature. Reading the major travel writers – Laurie Lee, Lord Byron and above all Patrick Leigh Fermor – he began to develop his idealistic vision of life as a troubadour, going from village to village with nothing but his guitar: the ultimate incarnation of this romantic ideal.

As a young man, deciding to embark on an adventure comparable to those described in the books of his childhood, he spent several months on the road in Europe, playing in the street for anyone who would listen and writing a large number of poems, short stories and songs, before finally and definitively settling in Paris some time in 2009. Since then, with unswerving support from Les Boutiques Sonores, he has been gigging more and more frequently, both in Paris (La Loge, le Café De La Danse, L’International, La Maroquinerie or La Flèche D’or) and throughout the rest of France, enjoying particular success in the “Balades Sonores” (“Sonic Strolls”), a tour of unconventional venues alongside Syd Matters.

Following the “Balades”, in June 2010 he released the vinyl EP Golden Europe, recorded with the help of his accomplice and best friend Georges Jephson. On the back of this EP’s success he was then able to record his debut album, which was released in April 2011 under the self-explanatory title A Collection Of Early Recordings.

Video :

THOS HENLEY Keeper Of My Breath from Les Boutiques Sonores on Vimeo.

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