“Still grounds for love” (Catgang)

Watineの曲には、リスナーの頭の中に映像を映し出すようなパワーがあります。ポップともシャンソンともいえるそのサウンドは、このアーティストが表現する不思議の国へと導いてくれます。Watineの3rdアルバム« Still grounds for love »では、この独特な世界が最大限に表現されています。

Biography : Watine’s third album, Still Grounds For Love, finds her at the height of her powers and forging ahead into hitherto unexplored territory. Following on from her previous album, she and producer-arranger Nicolas Boscovic have delivered a work that reveals the full ambivalence of this artiste’s universe, a blurred, shady world of jumbled-up chamber pop that calls to mind the chiaroscuro poetry of Tim Burton. Watine’s music certainly has the power to evoke images. When she narrates her tales, she becomes the perfect guide to this world of dark enchantment. Precious little electro remains in the mix save for the strange sounds of mechanical toys, organic programming and other subtle, miniature textures. As with fellow artistes Boards of Canada, the result is a conscious mingling of synthetic music and natural sounds. And as with Yann Tiersen, from time to time a sense of lost innocence surfaces. Watine’s music possesses a certain quaint charm. Yet the musical artefacts she presents are never passé – there is no dust to be wiped away. Like a traditional craftsman, this highly sensitive musician adorns her intricately-crafted pieces with new colours that shed fresh light on their contours

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