Wild Beasts

“Smother” (Domino)

イングランド北部出身の4人組バンド、Wild Beastsのアルバム“Smother”は最高の出来です。メロディックなポップとエモーショナルなロック、エレクトロのアレンジが大胆に融合したサウンドを堪能できるアルバムです。Hayden Thorpeの繊細な美しいファルセットがメロディーをリードします。

Biography :

When they first began working together in 2002, Hayden Thorpe and Ben Little briefly went by the French name Fauve before switching to the English equivalent, Wild Beasts. In 2004 they recruited drummer Chris Talbot and bassist Gareth Bullock, the latter being replaced by Tom Fleming when the band relocated to Leeds in late 2005.

In the wake of three demo EPs – Wild Beasts, Esprit De Corps and All Men – they signed to the Bad Sneakers label in August 2006. The debut single “Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants” duly appeared that November: it reached number 17 in the UK indie charts and was playlisted on BBC 6. The band’s first album Limbo, Panto came out on the Domino label in February 2007, attracting considerable attention both in the press and on indie websites with its single “The Devil’s Crayon”. In August 2009 came the follow-up, Two Dancers, trailed by the single “Hooting And Howling”. A Mercury Prize nomination for Two Dancers helped confirm what its predecessor had strongly suggested: Wild Beasts were now officially a UK group to watch.

Any remaining doubts were settled once and for all in May 2011 with the arrival of Smother, an album that establishes Wild Beasts as one of the most vital groups on today’s British rock scene. A lyrical and yet stripped-down form of rock music that blends sumptuous arrangements with captivating vocals supplied by Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming.

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