p>“Living On The Edge Of Time” (Barclay/Savoir Faire)

Yuksekはフランス・ランス生まれのDJ 兼 プロデューサー、フランス・エレクトロシーンの新鋭として注目されている。ビートのきいたポップなサウンド。

Reims-born DJ and producer, considered a leading light in the fizzling French electro scene, temporarily forsakes the world of raging beats and takes a jaunt to the pop universe.


Pierre-Alexandre Busson, alias Yuksek, was born in Reims (France) in 1977. He started as a rock and pop fan before gravitating to dance and electro and making waves as a DJ with his hard-hitting live sets. His popularity grew with commissions to remix rappers (Ghostface Killah) and rockers (Kaiser Chiefs) in his own unique style, one that borrows equally from dance and electro and from pop and rock.

Yuksek (the name means “high” in Turkish) soon moved on to the big league, performing in prestigious clubs worldwide including Fabric in London, Maria am Ostbahnhof in Berlin, the Rex Club and the Social Club in Paris, and at events like the MEG (Montreal Electronic Groove) Festival.

In 2007 and 2008, Yuksek released a number of EPs on such labels as Relish, I’m a Cliché or Rise. He became associated with the new wave of French electro, a fertile scene that was to some extent a continuation of the genre that had, ten years previously, been known as the “French touch”. And sure enough, before long artistes like Daft Punk or Vitalic, still serious movers and shakers in charts and clubs worldwide, were name-checking Yuksek as a worthy successor.

Further commissions for remixes followed, from high-profile names such as Mika, M83, ShitDisco, Zombie Nation, Chromeo, Naast, Detect, Teenage Bad Girl, Adam Kesher and even Booba. Then came an invitation to work closely with four-man DJ crew Birdy Nam Nam on their album Manual for Successful Rioting, which came out in 2009.

Meanwhile, 2008 saw Yuksek working on his own album while continuing to collaborate with further major names. He produced a track for Kanye West associate Kid Sister, and also one for American rapper Eve for use in the soundtrack of the Olivier Megaton film Transporter 3.

October 2008 saw the release of his hit “Tonight”, a track from his 2009 debut album Away From The Sea. “Tonight”, a track very much in the mould of Justice – to whom Yuksek has often been compared – gained heavy airplay and created quite a buzz among both electro fans and rock and pop aficionados.
Away From The Sea duly came out in February 2009. Laden with dance floor hymns, acid-tinged pop and abrasive beats, the album soon brought Yuksek widespread acclaim and attention.

On 13 June 2011 he released Living On The Edge of Time, an album of stadium anthems and electro pop melodies. As well as showing off Yuksek’s prowess as a singer – particularly on the hit single “Always On The Run” – the album also features several contributions by Guillaume Brière, from the Reims-based duo The Shoes.


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